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By | June 4, 2014

Healthy children get at least six colds each year. HOME CARE: Not much can be done to affect how long a cold lasts. However, we can relieve many of the symptoms. Keep in There is any suggestion of an earache or sinus pain.

Severe sore throat pain withoutrunny or stuffy nose YOUR BODY W Symptoms Home Remedies Non-Prescription Generic Name Common Brand (dry-hacking) Cough (moist) Sore Throat Fever/ Muscle Aches Watery Eyes/ Sneezing Earache • steam inhalation • saline nose drops • for red, raw nose, dab on

Convulsions in children can be brought about by multiple factors from a fever – as in febrile convulsions to an abnormal growth or neoplasm in the brain tissue. The usual management is prescribing usual anti-epileptic medicines, which though are effective in controlling the seizures are also known to cause certain side effects.

pain, relaxthe body during anxiety attacks and stress, easeasthma attacks, and relieve tension Here aretwo other simple home earache remedies. One, cook an onion and put some body temperature drops ofthejuice from the cooked onion in the ear.Two, cut acloveofgarlicin half, coat

Parents and grandparents used to know simple home remedies for common ailments and seldom needed to consult a physician for a cold, flu, sore throat or earache. Although much of this knowledge has been forgotten, Pain Away Willow Plus™, and TincTracts® of Meadowsweet,

Five Home Remedies I Can't Live Without 14. Garlic 14. Goldenseal 15. Comfrey 16. To fix a child's earache, put a drop of echinacea with alcohol in one ear. Valerian or white willow bark are good herbs for pain.

earache, redness and swelling of the throat, enlarged and tender glands (lymph Sore throats are usually mild and can be treated at home with over-the-counter (OTC) remedies available from the pharmacy. Painkillers – Paracetamol or ibuprofen can be taken to ease the pain of a sore throat.

Pain such as earache, Natural Remedies A more natural and gentle alternative to allopathic medicine that helps to promote peaceful sleeping patterns in children is the use of herbal and will enable your baby to sleep away from home

EARS: Bacterial: earache with a high fever (102+) and abnormal Wash them, wash them, wash them. Use soap and water. 4. Ask your children's school if they are making the kids wash their hands. 5. Give your family members each a little pack STAY HOME. Do not go to school, work, a party, or

• Stay home and rest, especially if you have a fever. • Severe earache or drainage from your ear When Your Doctor Does Prescribe Antibiotics Remedies (www.tpchd.org/files/library/eccdcce626d6b52f.pdf) Created Date:

?Homeopathic remedies are safe to give to baby, no matter what age & If your home prescribing is not effective consult your homoeopath. Colds, Flu, Sinus with pain on speaking or s w a l l o w i n g , a n d / o r earache/infection.

Earache General aches and pain If tonsillitis is caused by a viral infection, home treatment is usually all that is required. Drink plenty of liquids such as soup or tea to soothe the throat. well as their high safety profile in children’s remedies.

Cause severe earache or even deafness. In some children this may lead to asthma-like attacks. Coryza with shooting pain and aching in the forehead, http://www.narayana-verlag.com/Homoeopathic-Remedies-for-Infants-Children/Sudha-Banerjee/b5632/partner/leseprobe.