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By | April 15, 2014

The nutmeg tree, is native to the Moluccas Islands, located in the archipelago of Indonesia, once known as the Spice Islands. Hidden inside the fruit of the treed is the nutmeg seed, usually about the size of a large egg, encased in a brilliant red netting called an aril. The aril is dried and sold as the spice Mace.

According to Mexican myth the gods were born from Frangipani flowers.

Leading Homoeopathic Remedies. by. H. R. Arndt, M. D. Indicated in gastro-intestinal diseases of children, with great nervous involvement, in fall-dysentery; in bad effects of night watching. Great irritability. Great prostration,

The usefulness of home remedies was studied for disease ailments like cold, cough, fever, dysentery, small cuts and wounds, headache, menstrual abdominal pain, white discharge, and excess menstrual bleeding etc.

Patent medicines which were types of home remedies for epilepsy, hay fever, colds, dysentery and other minor illnesses often contained large amounts of cocaine. One hay fever remedy was 99% pure cocaine. In a 1914 Atlanta newspaper article, the Chief of Police blamed 70% of that

Siddha, Unani, Ethnic and home remedies are in practice since time immemorial and till today quite popular among Until independence of India the electro- home dysentery caused by over consumption of alcohol.

The remedies used in Homeopathy have been previously proved on healthy human beings therefore their actions and where homoeopathy works wonders are: Infant colic, Fever, Teething problems, Vomiting, Dysentery, Nephrotic Syndrome (Kidney disease), Growth related Home Computer Other

Indigenous home remedies as applied in Shirpur Taluka of Dhule district (Maharashtra) India D. R. Patil1, human afflictions such as cold, cough, dysentery, sunstoke, body – heat, excessive weight, general weakness, stomach-ache, head-

children experienced and whether they received health care during the two weeks preceding the house- (other than dysentery, where antibiotics are recommended) directly from the pharmacy or with home remedies.

home remedies, recipes for which could often be found in cookbooks. dysentery and malaria, relied heavily on patent medicines. Lucy and Jeremiah had seven children of their own: William, born in 1830 (died in infancy),

Home Prescribers in addition to this flyer. Kalm Kids is great for travel with small children! It contains those remedies known to calm and soothe and we get great feedback on this combination. Dysentery-like symptoms of diarrhea with tearing pain down back of legs.

Expectorant [52], In dysentery [52], In Piles [53], Fever [53], Hypotensive [53], Antioxidant [53], In stomach ulcer [54], ethical and classical formulations and home remedies of traditional systems of medicine is about $ one billion

Beauty, Nature Cure for Children's Diseases, Natura l Health Natural home remedies for common diseases is not a concept of the twentieth century. 86 Dysentery / 87 Dyspepsia / 90 Earache / 92 Ear Discharge / 94 Eczema / 95