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17.05 Tonsillitis And Pharyngitis 17.05.1 Pharyngitis, Viral
Of irritant dust, gases, cold or hot air, foreign bodies, pressure by tumour, • soothe the throat with safe home remedies such as breast milk in an exclusively • lethargy • pneumonia less than 2 months of age Fast breathing is defined as:

New Allergy And Asthma Patient Questionnaire
IMMUNIZATIONS: up to date? _____ flu shot? _____ pneumonia shot? _____ Chicken pox Pets or smokers in babysitter’s home? Y / N If yes, please list: _____ Dust mite covers?

remedies don't help your doctor can prescribe a stronger medication to manage your disagreeable industrial dust, chemicals, and air pollution also have serious effects on lung tissue. MANAGING copo SYMPTOMS AT HOME

Such as Inhalers, Vitamins and Herbal Remedies: Drug name Dose Frequency Taken Date started/stopped Did the drug help? ¤ House dust ¤ Pet (dog, cat, Are you exposed to pets other than at home? ¤ Yes ¤ No

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Is there anything that makes the cough better? (e.g., is the patient taking medications/ traditional medicines at home that help her symptoms?) (herbal remedies) the pneumonia and fungal infection should be treated first.

Hypersensitivity pneumonia. The environmental remedies are the same as for dampness, plus attention to standing water in humidifiers and air conditioners. animals in the home. Lower house dust endotoxin levels were associated with central air conditioning,

Problems Of Medical Prevention In A Punjab Village
THIS article explores the role home visiting and dust would blow into their homes off the street. In all houses cooking was done were the following: bronchitis/pneumonia, cardiovascular diseases, amoebiasis, TB of lungs and abdomen.

Sore Throats
Allergies to pollens and molds such as cat and dog dander and house dust are common causes of sore throats. Irritation caused by dry heat, following remedies:  Warm tea with honey is a favorite home remedy.

Traditional home remedies like honey with hot water, ginger and êâîl not exposed to dirt and dust. 6áIaâ 66116 91 : infection (Pneumonia) . I Symptoms : Fever e Cough with expectoration . Lethargy e Dyspnoea

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Which meant that health education and primary and home care suffered and that in some villages sanitation and water supplies were checked In 2002, the pneumonia-like SARS surfaced in Guangdong province, resulting in China dust storms; Illegal drug trade; Vegetarianism; Poverty;