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(include prescriptions, over the counter medications, and natural/herbal remedies): □ Dizziness □ Motion sickness □ Frequent ear infections Problems during pregnancy? If yes, please explain:

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And Natural Remedies for Lowering High Blood Pressure • Dizziness • Blurred vision • Nausea • Pregnancy, especially in cases of Pre-eclampsia • Side-effects of certain medications or supplements Help for High Blood Pressure

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Medication taken during pregnancy? Any home remedies?_____ DEVELOPMENTAL HISTORY- at what age did the child: CHILDHOOD DISEASES- □ Dizziness □ Stomach Aches □ Allergies □ Orthopedic Problems □ Asthma

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Home remedies:…………………………… dizziness, lightheadedness. exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES) from maternal use during pregnancy. Vaginal discharge, itching . Sores, lumps, STDs and treatments.Number of pregnancies,

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Home Phone_____ Alternate Phone_____ Emergency Contact_____ Emergency Contact (including homeopathic remedies) that promote health and if the patient remains motionless during treatment. Dizziness can be most easily avoided when the patient

Home pregnancy tests are available for $10-$15 and are quite accurate, (Drugs or over-the-counter stomach remedies should not be taken.) The recommended weight gain for an average woman during pregnancy is 25 to 30 pounds. This weight is distributed as follows: Baby

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Descent is uninhibited as the valsalva maneuver may still clear the eustachian tubes temporarily by force, but during ascent a blockage may stop the air in the middle ear (which is now at depth pressure) from escaping as the diver ascends.

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Dizziness ● Dry mouth ● All of our natural remedies are formulated by our expert team of herbalists, naturopaths and homeopaths, and headed by Michele Carelse. Michele has had years of experience in during pregnancy. Learn more about Nerve Tonic

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A Home-Made Ice Box . Milk Bottle and Cream Dipper . . Care during pregnancy is verv necessary to secure healthy offspring even when parents dizziness and spots before the eyes; 5, scanty, red or odorous urine; 6,

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Increasing age, pregnancy, While home treatment is not appropriate for a serious condition such as cardiomyopathy, herbal and homeopathic remedies can be successfully tremendous contribution to medical science during the past century, there is a

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Increased appetite, dizziness and fainting. This affects 24 to 35 per although the remedies listed below are well worse since pregnancy; pain in womb during periods, symptoms worse at menopause; clumsiness; cutting

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Experience any falls or injuries during pregnancy? _____ _____ Experience any physical and/or Dizziness Fatigue Diarrhea Any home remedies? _____ Page 3 of 3 Symptoms and Ill Health (Present State of Health) Have