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By | May 22, 2014

Spermatorrhea is the involuntary discharge of semen. This is not a disease but a symptom in itself. The discharge takes place without an orgasm. It is a condition of excessive sperm in the male body. This is similar to the involuntary emission of semen at night, in one’s sleep which is called wet dreams or night fall. Night fall is usually associated with dreams of sexual nature.

The abnormal white discharge from the genitals in females is known as Leucorrhoea. This white discharge or secretion in women requires attention when there is foul odor, blood stain or color changes. The amount secreted normally varies according to the menstrual cycle in the women, tending to be at its peak during ovulation. Under regular conditions, the white discharge is usually slimy and slightly sticky.

If you would like to know how to treat fishy discharge, then there are a number of steps you can take. One of the things we women have to deal with from time to time is unpleasant feminine odor. There can be so many causes that it is difficult to avoid altogether. Indeed, I have yet to speak to a female friend or relative who hasn’t experienced this embarrassing problem at some point during their adult lives.

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