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By | May 7, 2014

Legislative issues that all dog owners are faced with who want to work to protect their rights to own, breed, train and appreciate their dogs in their local Deskunking Recipe http://home.earthlink.net/~skunkremedy/ home http://dan.drydog.com/patsyann/skunk.ht ml

deskunking, oatmeal treatment (for dry sensitive skin), and blow-drying. “The big thing with the pet wash is that people like to “If you wash the dog at home first you have to wash the dog, then you have to wash your bathroom. Most of the customers say they love

Chapter 1 What Good Grooming Is All About In This Chapter Understanding why grooming is important to your dog’s health Tallying up the costs of grooming

Dog kennel Stakeouts and chains Blanket Orange/yellow hunting collar Neoprene jacket Blaze orange PH#, dogs medical info on back, microchip #, license#, and photo in case they get lost Deskunking kit EMT Gel Survival Gear Emergency space blanket Flare Gun Chem-lites Bic Lighters Firestarter

Will include Therapy Dog testing. The membership present at the meeting voted to give $1,000 to Robert and Betty Willis to help out as they rebuild after the total fire loss of their home in April. Deskunking Remedy