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• Avoid damp and dark places, like basements. House Dust Mites • If your home is being painted, • Avoid taking over-the-counter cold remedies, such as antihistamines and cough syrup, unless you speak to your PCP first.

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This leads to dampness in substructures such as crawlspaces and basements. Aspects of the home can also increase the humidity of a space. Items such as aquariums, indoor swimming pools, Typical remedies for condensation include increasing background heat and ventilation,

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Lay eggs in a damp, protected area where they will hatch in about two months. • Cluttered basements and attics with rodent, bird or bat problems. describing studies of home remedies as snake repellents; none were effective. Fig. 1.

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Housing Corporation's pamphlet "Lead in Your Home". A copy can v. Through damp basements vi. Painted boards too close to ground vii. Plant growth viii. remedies, we recommend obtaining a copy of Canada Mortgage and

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home. Once the pests have been identified, other sources It is commonly found in basements, packing houses, and grocery stores and feeds on a variety of materials. It damp areas, such as beneath sinks and washing machines and in base-

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Mold Remedies, Inc. (800) 460-9535 Richard Wolf Synergy Environmental (510) damp basements or crawl spaces, constant plumbing leaks, house plants, throughout a home or building, evacuation is not necessary.

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home can arise from structural shortcomings, e.g. water damage, -Ventilate basements correctly:keep doors/windows closed in summer, provide sufficient draught in winter. also in damp rooms. Please check surface compatibility

Hands or when standing on wet or damp surface, or in water. 1. The shaft seal depends on water for lubrication and Basements Figure 2: Typical installations. Troubleshooting • Repair Parts 5 Limitation of Remedies

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remedies belonging to the insured against a third party with respect to any loss covered by the policy. Garner, Bryan and spreading mold from damp basements to throughout areas in a home or commercial 13 Sealey, see supra note at 2. 14 Cal Health & Saf Code § 26100 (2001).

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Walls, or at least a damp feel or musty odor that is present most of the time or eral remedies are tried at the same time the actual cause of the problem may about Wet Basements by Judith L. Kitchen Fast Facts

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• Cluttered basements and attics with rodent, rumpled, damp cloths covered by a dry cloth in areas where snakes have been seen. describing studies of home remedies as snake repellents; none were effective. Snakes of Montana

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Integrated Pest Management for Home Gardeners and Landscape Professionals cool damp, dark places—woodpiles, ivy, ground cover, garages, basements, water meter boxes, and in drains TABLE 2. Identifying Features of Outdoor Cockroaches. FIELD TURKESTAN AMERICAN SMOKYBROWN

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Drainage of sump pits and flooded basements, dewatering flooded areas, and to provide laundry drainage. Operates pump problems and remedies. Know the pump application, limitations, on wet or damp surfaces, or in water. NOTE: