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By | April 4, 2014

Natural Help for Mosquito Bites in Pets Mosquito Bites in Pets What are Mosquito Bites? Pets are often targets for mosquito during the warmer months. Mosquitoes are tiny insects that breed in water which can range from tide water pools, sewage

Natural Help for Cat and Dog Biting Biting Pets What Causes Pets to Bite? Dogs and cats cannot speak or vocalize their discomfort like humans can.

Do not use butter or home remedies. It is best to leave the wound Minor bites: A bite that just causes bruising or only scrapes the top layer of skin will not require much more than cleaning with soap and water, ice, and mild pain medication

INSECT BITES AND STINGS Many insects bite or sting humans. Most are annoying but harmless. Others, however, can transmit disease or release venom into the bloodstream as well as provoke toxic or allergic

Bites and stings Bronchitis Burns Cataract Cystitis Edema Epilepsy Female Infertility Gall Bladder Stone Hiccups Indigestion Kidney Stones Leucorrhoea Low Immunity Morning Sickn ess . BROUGHT TO YOU BY VIPUL DESAI Painful Menstruation Peptic Ulcer Piles

Insect bites and ensuring a safe summer for kids. Insects, protection to chance by relying on home remedies, bath oils, or gadgets like ultrasonic repellents. Your children are Insect Bite Prevention Tips for Parents

Melons. Page 1 Home Remedies for Insect and Disease Control on Plants oo Suggested Alternatives to Pesticide Usage oo Home-made soap solution for insect control on plants:

Most bites from pets are from dogs or cats. Bites from domestic animals, such as horses, can be handled using these guidelines. Dogs and cats are free of rabies in most metro areas. (Check with the local Public Health Department for exceptions.

IMPORTTANTANT PPHONEHONE NUMBERS Maricopa County Animal Care & Control Dogs-at-Large, Licensing and Bites 602-506-7387 City Animal Control Barking Dogs, Vicious Dogs

Natural Flea Remedies Fleas can be one of the most annoying aspects of owning a pet. They aggravate both you and your pet – dog fleas and cat fleas can and will

Sarcoptes scabiei can infest dogs, cats, and humans. Wounds can be treated with benzyl benzoate every 5th day. Moxidectin (Quest® orEquest ® – Fort Dodge) has proved efficacious in treating sarcoptic mange in rabbits.

Myth: You can use home remedies like mayonnaise to get rid of head lice. Fact: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no clear scientific evidence that home remedies such as mayonnaise