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A lot of individuals suffering from moles on their skin usually use natural removal techniques. Only in unusual situations where the mole is cancerous do individuals require clinical methods. Also, clinical treatments to eliminate moles are extremely pricey and can leave behind ugly looking scars on your skin.

A mole tends to be caused through melanocyte cells found within the bottom layer of your skin. Via a process called melanogenesis, these cells create melanin. Melanin has been found to be a pigment found in the skin, eyes and hair that has been determined to be responsible for the color. A mole is created if melanocyte cells fail to spread throughout the tissue but instead develop in clumps. From time to time, the mole is unsightly making folks to explore a holistic nevus removal process.

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*Fades Birthmarks (after prolonged use) *Fades tattoo's (after prolonged use) *Eczema *Psoriasis *"Cradle Cap" *Relief for Shingles *Relief for Cellulitis *Relief for Muscular Dystrophy *Skin Cancer *Skin conditions due to bad blood circulation

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