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Allergy & Asthma Treatment Center 292 S Broadway St., Suite 1, Lake Orion, Such as Inhalers, Vitamins and Herbal Remedies: Drug name Dose Frequency Taken Date started/stopped Did the drug help? Home and Environmental Survey:

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Common remedies for small occurrences of mold include: Sunlight; Ventilation; Wall insulation/Dry Wall; Non-porous building materials; Household cleansers; Dust suppression methods, such as misting (not soaking) In order to avoid mold from growing in your home you should do the following:

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Sinusitis is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which may be due to infection, allergy, or autoimmune issues. and may include allergy, environmental factors such as dust or pollution, bacterial infection, or fungus (either allergic, infective, or reactive). Non-allergic factors,

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He’s been allergy free. “When allergy symptoms occur,” says Dr. Brownstein, with homeopathic remedies sold in natural food stores. “There are about 20 your home or office from adding to the stress of seasonal allergies or synthetic

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Johnston et al. J. Allergy Clin Immunol 2006 . Allergens • Small proteins (2-60 microns) • let someone else dust and clean if dust mite allergic Avoid pollutants-home remedies • Change to a nonpolluting, more effective indoor heat

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Mold has invaded your home, it is important to locate and eliminate Keep in mind that the first signs of mold might be allergy-like symptoms in members of and a filter dust mask. Some items that have been affected by mold can be saved,

By pollen in the spring, grasses in the summer, and ragweed in the fall. Other causes of year round symptoms include dust and household (i.e. at school, outside, at home) What medicines you are Further treatment options for allergic rhinitis include allergy shots

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 Try an Air Purifier and Clean the air filters in you home often.  Clean book shelves, vents and other places where pollen and dust can collect. If over the counter remedies do not help, your doctor may recommend a prescription

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Find high risks or remedies that may have higher costs. Steps to Reduce Dust Exposure in Your Home Overview Many infants crawling on carpets are exposed to high levels of pollutants. * Allergy control pillow and mattress covers can be

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Practitioners focus on relieving the allergy symptoms with antihistamines, decongestants, steroids, using any of the remedies described below. Moreover, if the acute, allergic If cleaning your home leaves you with a headache, burning eyes,

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Since the allergy season is starting, or in full bloom in some parts of the country, The person turned the unit on and in few minutes the dust particles disappeared. a licensed architect living in Saline County and the popular host of the “Home Remedies” radio show,

Pollen, dust, mold, house mites, some foods, etc. Irritants: as measures the rate at which the air can be exhaled. Used to monitor the severity of the asthma at home. Allergy skin testing: to Check your natural food store for homeopathy remedies for allergies. Change

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Blepharitis due to an allergy can cause dark lids, symptom which is known as "allergic shiner" and which tends to be more frequent in children rather than adults. Allergic responses to dust mite feces and other allergens can cause lid inflammation,

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Previous history of pets in home? Dust mite covers? ( Pillow Mattress ) Stuffed animals? CHEST SYMPTOMS (check cold or allergy remedies If you are taking an oral antihistamine that is not listed, stop the medication at least 3