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By | April 11, 2014

You chemistry teacher was right! Sinking a tooth in a glass of cola destroys the poor tooth in no time. Step by step, the tooth softens, breaks up and completely dissolves. Acid-forming foods and drinks cause similar damage if theyre not neutralised by our pH-regulating systems.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of a sinusitis condition is the dizziness that often comes with it. While suffering with sinus pressure or infection, one may also have to contend with a frustrating loss of equilibrium or feeling of vertigo.

Each and every year, progressively more individuals are afflicted with sinus infections. Given that this problem can make a great deal of soreness, those who find themselves suffering from it would like to obtain the very best cure. But what are the best Sinus Treatment with regard to Sinus infections?

What are Allergies? “Allergies occur when antigenic substances (allergens) enter the body and trigger a disproportionately aggressive immune response1”.

Allergies Five (5) drops of castor oil orally (swallow) each morning will control allergies. Arthritis Rub castor oil into the affected area. Back Pain Apply castor oil packs for one week. For Other Edgar Cayce Remedies, Visit www.edgarcayce.org .

Naturopathic remedies to treat the cause and the symptoms of allergies. Remedies as Free yourself from a future of allergies- make your home a healthier place to live, play and breathe easy in spring and all year round!

Here are some first-aid home remedies: A dog or cat that is drooling, nauseous or vomiting often responds to a 10mg. Pepcid (famotidine is the generic name) tablet. In addition to allergies, ticks and plant awns can cause those red, painful, itchy

Many home remedies were developed and handed down by the generations before us. Please help our class by listing a home remedy you or someone in your family has used to treat any or all of the following medical disorders:

Allergies – Runny or stuffy nose – Sneezing Symptoms last as long as you are exposed to Allergens such as pollen, child home from the hospital, you really can help your child get off to a healthier, happier and more allergy-free start.1

Stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes, nose and throat, and watery eyes. You may also have headaches, a nasally voice, breathe noisily, remedies, you may seem to improve for a short time. clinician may order blood and skin tests to determine whether you have allergies.

Aspirin, over the counter medications and home remedies). Please note any family history (parents, grandparents, siblings; living or deceased) for the following conditions: NOSE, MOUTH, THROAT Allergies/Hay Fever q q q Sinus Congestion q q q Runny Nose q q q Post-Nasal Drip q q q

What follows is a list of ideas and treatments relating to allergies and chronic some is what has been reported to me by patients, some of it is folk remedies passed down from person to person and some of it tap water is the most effective way of quickly stopping a runny nose that I

Cold remedies: What works, what doesn't, add moisture to your home, but it can also add mold, fungi and bacteria if Although antihistamines can help the runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing that occur with allergies,