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By | April 18, 2017

What We KnoW 12 a guide to organizing the home and office Select the easiest space from the list. Estimate how long it might take to organize it.

In your new home! Here are some must-haves to get you started. CLOSETS elfa Shelving and Drawers Medicine cabinet organizer Shower and tub organizers Linen storage Overdoor and wall hooks Wall-mounted shelves Decorative boxes and bins Wastebasket

And Client Organizer. Income Tax Guide and Client Organizer Drugs and medicine_____ Home mortgage paid to financial institution_____ Home mortgage paid to an individual

Use a daily pill organizer Keep the medicine in a visible location between doses Set an alert/reminder on my phone or other device. alongside the kitchen, the bedroom is one of the two rooms in the home where accidental OTC medicine poisoning incidents are most likely to occur.5

30 / Ensuring good dispensing practices 30.3 Maintaining a clean environment requires a regular rou-tine of cleaning shelves, daily cleaning of floors and work-

Medication Safety for the Elderly: A Guide for Patients and how to get the benefits of medicine, whether prescription or nonprescription, while • Use a pill organizer to track whether you have taken your pill(s).

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Name: _____ Phone: _____ Medication Organizer (provide a copy for each physician) Medication: Schedule: Date prescribed: Last refill: Reason: Dose: Physician: Phone: Safety urgent care centers, and care delivered in the home. Medical practice is complex – to error is human.

How to use My Medicine List™: My Medicine List™ can help you and your family keep track of everything you take to keep you healthy—your pills, vitamins, and herbs.

Any medicine, dietary supplement, food, skin cleaner, medical tape. My Medical Conditions and Operations. Emergency Contact Primary Care Physician. Pharmacy / Drugstore. My Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)

Where do you keep your medicines? Are they in different places—with some in the medicine cabinet, some in the kitchen, and some in the bedroom or

Organizer. Dear Patient, We have designed this binder to help you organize the personalized materials about your treatment, At the Stanford Cancer Center, some of the best minds in medicine are ready to partner with you to fight cancer. During your care you may meet many physicians, nurses,

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Medication Manager Use the Medication Manager chart to help you keep track as you take your medications. How to use this Medication Manager chart:

Medication Administration Module Training Program Skill Standard E Testing Materials You have been assigned to a new home but have not received medication training for the The mother of an individual asks you to start giving an herbal medicine, garlic, to her son to

Moving Checklist and Planner Find a new home for plants or items that cannot be moved. Personal: bedding, clothing, toiletries, medicine, bandages. Pack a Suitcase: have items on hand in case movers are delayed with belongings.

30 / Ensuring good dispensing practices 30.3 Maintaining a clean environment requires a regular rou-tine of cleaning shelves, daily cleaning of floors and work-

Drug Safety: Managing Multiple Drugs Does this drug interact with any other drug I am taking? then on My Medicine Tracker. Tips for managing multiple drugs: • Keep a list of all the drugs you take. Put it in your wallet.

OVERVIEW OF MEDICATION MANAGEMENT Depending on the size, structure and functions of the health facility, • generic name and strength of medicine; • dose, frequency and duration of course; • date of dispensing and expiry date;