Herbs Sore Throat Home Remedies

By | March 15, 2014

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Chinese Home Remedies For Common Ailments Introduction Like herbs, foods have medicinal properties. Every food, like every herb, Sore throat 1. Vinegar & egg white: Boil an egg white in vinegar then eat it to relieve a toxic,

People with sensitive sinus cavity find it very difficult when the weather turns cold or there is some pollutant in the air that they are allergic to. The mucus membrane engorges and discharge mucus from the nose. Some people have nasal blockage, severe headache and sometime sore throat and fever. This pulls the person down psychologically. Many a times a sinus attack can be really chronic.

Before you begin any natural menopause treatments or therapy at all, consult your doctor. He can tell you of any risk that may arise if you decide to use HRT and give you advise on certain lifestyle changes that could benefit your menopause symptoms. This could include excersise and any suppliments such as calcium and magnesium that can also help against osteoporosis. If you are on HRT you should not take any herbal suppliments before talking to an herbalist or doctor.

Home Remedy for Common Cold Garlic soup helps reduce the harshness of a cold. A glass of lemon juice a day would raise the body’s resistance.

10 Cough and Cold Herbal Remedies Written by Administrator Thursday, 22 April 2010 03:28 10 Herbal Remedies for Cough, Cold and Sore Throat Tip 10 of 100: Herbal remedy for Sore Throat

Whether it’s tonsillitis or an ordinary sore throat, these home remedies can make your child feel more comfortable. Offer plenty of liquids and soft foods such as non-citric fruit juices, soups, ice pops, Jell-O, smoothies, and warm decaf tea with honey.

Natural Home Remedies for Sore ThroatFollowing are some of the effective home remedies for sore throat1. Add lemon juice and some honey, to a glass of hot water.

Sore Throat: Easing the Pain of a Sore Throat What causes sore throats? Sore throats can be caused by many things. Viruses (like those that cause colds) can lead to a sore

Home Remedies for Everything Guide to Home Remedies for Everything This and a number of other herbs can increase miscarriage. Home and natural remedies are synonymous in most ways. germs in the mouth and combat sore throat.

Natural Herbs & Remedies Akobi Natural Health Database Natural Pet Health Blog Anxiety Depression Info For a Sore Throat, gargle with the formula for 60 seconds, spit, then rinse out whether you’re walking around in your home or are outdoors really getting a workout,

While there are many home remedies reported for colds, it seems one of the best is Herbs for Colds – Flu – Tonsillitis – Cough – COPD -Sore throat that is lasting longer than 48 hours -Tenderness of the jaw and throat

Home Remedies Herbal Healing WITH You can gargle with the tea for a sore throat or rinse your tired or dry eyes. Pop a your skin is irritated. As you can see, one herb can serve many purposes. You do not have to know hundreds of herbs to be able to care for yourself and your

More than one remedy. For example, you can treat a sore throat with the herbal steam in the When you're huddled at home nursing a cold or flu, Other herbs to use in a throat spray are lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint.