Duodenal Ulcer Home Remedies

By | March 20, 2014

Is called a duodenal ulcer. People can have both gastric and duodenal ulcers at the same time. They also can develop peptic ulcers more than once in their lifetime. Peptic ulcers are common. Each year in the United States, about half a million people

Nephritis is state in which swelling of one or both the kidneys can occur. The swelling actually occurs in the nephrons of the kidney due to which the kidney also gets swelled. There are many reasons behind the swelling of kidney in which toxins, autoimmune diseases and infections are the main reasons. In the case of infection being the reason behind nephritis, mainly the infection of streptococcus in throat which leads to scarlet fever is the reason. The improper diet and weak immune system may also be the reason behind the occurrence of nephritis.

Gastritis is a health problem that occurs when the white cells of the blood move in the stomach wall. Gastritis refers to infection, mild irritation and the inflammation of the stomach lining. People that confront with iron deficiency are more prone to suffer from gastritis. Our stomach has a J shape and it has the role to collect the liquid and the food consumed and to break them down in little pieces for digestion. Every disorder that takes place in the stomach lining has bad influences upon digestion and leads to physical disorders. If gastritis is not properly treated it can lead to ulcer.

Duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer was found more common among men. The prevalence of peptic ulcer increased with age , Stomach And Duodenal Ulcers Diet, Supplements And Home Remedy.2011. Elsa Marie. Whole Foods To Treat Peptic Ulcer. December; 2010. Jiaoh., J.N REEDY,Et Al.

duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, parasitic worms, rheumatism, headache, ,sore throat and abdominal pain; b. To capture the expertise of an herbalist in prescribing herbal remedies for Herbal Prescriber Database Home Page 2.1.4 Herbs this system deals with herbal remedy prescription.

The patient probably has a duodenal ulcer. D. The prevalence of H pylori infection is increased in areas of high socioeconomic status. E. and residence in a nursing home or institution. H pylori usually is acquired in childhood.

If patient eat & get pain – duodenal ulcer. Pain can be relieved by eating because acid will be digested food, Often use castor oil (stimulant) as a home remedy – Anyone trying to establish regularity. Especially young & middle aged women. Elderly. Management of constipation.

Duodenal ulcer recurrence: 75% with no maint tx, 25% with maint tx, < 2% with H.pylori eradication

Stomach Ulcer: A stomach ulcer is also known as peptic ulcer. ulcers generally occur after few hours of taking your meals while duodenal ulcers can happen between meals. Home remedies for Stomach Ulcers:

Possess the anti-ulcerogenic property and they are commonly used in southern regions of India as home remedies. Siddha system has better on Cystemine Induced Duodenal Ulcer In Rats,DARU,2006;Vol14(No.2). Created Date:

In 80% the ulcer was situated at or near the pylorus, but in 6% there was a remote gastric ulcer with surrounding inflammatory and fibrous Benign duodenal ulceration causes cicatricial narrowing of the pylorus, but in almost all cases

Management of acidic gastritis, non-ulcer dyspepsia and duodenal ulcer with significant prevention of recurrence of symptoms. (3) Amalaki powder can also be used as a natural supplement of in combination with other home remedies. Kutaja may cause

Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, stomach ulcer,stomatitis, thirst; Rare: biliarypain, bloody diarrhea,cholecystitis, duodenal ulcer, enteritis, stomach ulcer hemorrhage, tongue edema. Endocrine System –Infrequent: hypothyroidism; Rare: