Amoebiasis Natural Remedies

By | November 18, 2012

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Amoebiasis, or Amebiasis, refers to infection caused by the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica. The term Entamoebiasis is occasionally seen but is no longer in use; it refers to the same infection. Likewise amoebiasis is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to infection with other amoebae, but strictly

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2Laboratory of Chemistry of Natural Products, Faculty of Sciences aches, amoebiasis, sore teeth, colic, infant tetanus(Nacoulma,1996). Our ethnobotanical investigations have revealed that About 30% of traditional remedies are used to treat wounds and skin lesions, compared to only
Their potential health benefits and the health risks associated with such remedies psoralens for vitiligo, Holarrhena alkaloids for amoebiasis, guggulsterones as hypolipidaemic agents Natural products as sources of new drugs over the period 1981-2002. Journal of Natural

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Other folk remedies in South America cite quinine bark as a natural remedy for cancer (breast, glands, liver, mesentery, spleen), amoebiasis, cardidtis, colds, diarrhea, dysentery, dyspepsia, fevers, flu, hangover,

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Western population is looking for natural remedies, which are safe and effective. juice if the leaves are given in amoebiasis. Roots are enthelmintic. It’s decoction is given in diarrhea, dropsy, cough, stomachache and colic. The flowers

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For herbal remedies in 1999 was worth of U.S.$19.4 bil-lion Holarrhena for amoebiasis, Mu-Indigenous Use and Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants use of indigenous drugs of natural/plant origin is a ma-Published: January 16, 2009.

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These plants are the natural remedies for treating many of the diseases This survey amoebiasis 90 Gajurotta Leaves paste – Wound healing Plant species family Common name Parts used direction Chemical constituents uses 91 gundugorugudu Snake bite

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(Halicteres Isors)’ in Zaheer Ameobai (Intestinal Amoebiasis)” – Research & Development of Indigenous Drugs Institute of History of Medicine & Medical Research (IHMMR), Abstract of paper published in Journal of Natural Remedies, Vol. 137-140, February 2005, Bangalore, India.

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Natural products active against African trypanosomes: the world population still rely on traditional medical remedies, mainly plants, because of limited availability or affordability of of amoebiasis, was very trypanocidal (IC 50

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Natural remedies from medicinal plants are considered to be the cost effective and safe alternative treatments for various diseases. of amoebiasis, diabetes and hepatitis 16-18. Its hypoglycemic effect has also been evaluated in