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Saint Louis University School of Medicine St. Louis, Missouri / USA June 23-24, 2O17 • Identify alternative options and proper choices for fixation of St. Louis, MO Mineral Area Regional Medical Center Farmington, MO

School of Medicine . 520 West Lombard St. Baltimore, MD 21201 USA Garry Vickar. Department of Psychiatry . Washington University . School of Medicine . 660 S. Euclid Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110 USA . Hyla Cass Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Chelation Therapy By Simon Yu MD The attend a free monthly discussion on Alternative Medicine at Prevention and Healing on the second Simon Yu, M.D. Prevention and Healing, Inc. St. Louis, MO 63141 314-432-7802 Weaving Internal Medicine with Alternative

Parasites – Often Hidden and Undiagnosed by Simon Yu, He practices Internal Medicine, Alternative and Complementary Healing Arts through the use of over 24 advanced diagnostic and therapeutic St. Louis, MO 63141 314-432-7802 . Title:

And Secondary Education; and Mercy Children’s Hospital – St. Louis and Springfield A 2012 CONSENSUS PUBLICATION Complementary-Alternative Medicine Treatments 6 AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS: GUIDE TO EVIDENCE-BASED INTERVENTIONS.

No. SC89283 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF MISSOURI STATE OF MISSOURI ex rel. CH ALLIED SERVICES, St. Louis, MO 63101-1880 314-231-3332 314-241-7604 (Fax) or in the Alternative to Transfer Venue. (Exhibit 4). Similar .

Herbs and Nutritional Supplements • National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. o Using Dietary Supplements Books • DerMarderosian, Ara. Guide to Popular Natural Products. 3rd Ed. St. Louis, MO: Facts and Comparisons, 2003. • Fetrow, Charles W. Complete Guide to

The Dilated Aorta: What Disease and How to Evaluate Alan C. Braverman Director, Inpatient Cardiology Firm Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO Chair, Professional Advisory Board, The Marfan Foundation . Disclosure ! Nothing relevant alternative disorder —i.e. LDS,SGS

Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Donald W. Novey, MD, Ed. Mosby, Inc. St Louis MO, 2000 Protocol for the Safe and Effective Administration of EDTA and other Chelating Agents for Vascular organization to educate the public about alternative medicine and to assist in obtaining

And speech therapy, as well as have the ability to including on-the-road testing, determines a person’s ability to continue with safe driving. • Augmentative and alternative communication clinic – Using an 4455 Duncan Avenue • St. Louis, MO 63110 314 658-3860 • Fax 314

Alternate Clinical Presentation Deck Along with the St. Louis Children’s which are appropriately created using one of the School of Medicine Bullet three Slide Headline Bullet one Bullet two Bullet three Name Appointment title Campus Box XXXX Street address St. Louis, MO

The State of Healthcare Workforce in Metro St. Louis East-West Gateway Coordinating Council 10 Stadium Plaza Year St. Louis, MO -IL MSA National 2000 12.9% 12.6% alternative residential care,

Naeser Laser Acupuncture to Treat Paralysis in Stroke Naeser MA, Alexander MP, Stiassny-Eder D, Galler V, sponsored by the Office of Alternative Medicine and the Office of Medical Applications of Research St. Louis, MO. 2003, Chapter 33, pp. 382-385. Naeser MA, Hahn K-A K, Lieberman BE

Missouri/Kansas Chapter Facts 2 Helpful 16 Hampton Village Plaza, Suite 215 St. Louis, MO 63109 Phone: alternative medicine. Reports on natural options that others are using to treat symptoms, lower enzyme levels and viral loads.

Auricular point acupressure for chronic low back pain: A Lung-Chang Chien Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Yi-Chien Chiang Chang Gung Institute of pain: A feasibility study for 1-week treatment." Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.2012

From the Division of Emergency Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, St Louis, MO to the triage assessment is an alternative strategy to Wiler et al Optimizing Emergency Department Front-End Operations Volume ,

And Secondary Education; and Mercy Children’s Hospital – St. Louis and Springfield A 2012 CONSENSUS PUBLICATION Complementary-Alternative Medicine Treatments 6 AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS: GUIDE TO EVIDENCE-BASED INTERVENTIONS.

Integrative therapies are also known as complementary or alternative therapies or medicine or “CAM.” 2. These guidelines do not alter the requirements of Minn. Stat. Ch. 146A which defines unlicensed complementary and St. Louis, MO: Elsevier,

Mercy Neighborhood Ministry 11/18/2015 (community resources for low income and uninsured) Funeral and/or Cremation Services Alternative Funeral and Cremation Services 5255 Lemay Ferry Road 2115 Parkway Drive St. Peters, MO 63376 St. Louis, MO 63144 services at Jefferson Barracks National